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Since 2000, Ikhtiar Factoring financed and help to support thousands of bumiputra companies, funding businesses more than RM2 billion in contract value

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About Us

We are Ikhtiar Factoring Sdn Bhd (IFSB), a fully approved and authorised factoring finance institution company by Bank Negara Malaysia and Malaysia Ministry of Finance. Other than offering a full spectrum of factoring finance solutions, we also offer the most competitive rates which can be tailored to your business’ needs and requirements.

We have ventured also in franchising industry as an expansion of our core business. Ikhtiar Factoring Sdn Bhd provides platform and opportunities for individuals to be a financial franchisee that spread across the nation. 

Why Ikhtiar Factoring?

We understand that you need to work with a secure and trusted finance partner who has a proven track record in sound and speedy funding decisions tailored to your business’ requirements. At IFSB, we believe we are that partner.


Fast & Efficient

Immediate response. Our skilled Marketing Team would be there to serve you at all required times.

Top Services

Trust and safety. A factoring finance financial institution approved by the Ministry Of Finance since year 2000 with over 22 years of reputation and leader in the market.


Here when you need us most. Our flexible services along with our dynamic products and solutions would cater to your needs with all business angles to support you.


Our Services


Our rates are competitive with flexible terms, and initial approval process is fast. Our team of experienced and dedicated finance specialists can advise and provide you with access to the best funding solutions for your business.


Letter of Credit-i

With decades of experience serving companies in a range of industries and solutions, dealing with suppliers in all around the world, we have the know-how to be the right choice for overseas and domestic purchases.


Bank Guarantee-i

One of the requirements for government procurement contracts is a performance guarantee, at 2.5% to 5% of the contract value. As a financial institution approved and accredited by the Ministry of Finance and e-Perolehan, IFSB can issue performance guarantees.


Financial Letter of Support-i

A Letter of Support often makes a difference as it can make or break your chances of joining or winning a tender. It is a form of testimonial from a credible third-party that will make your tender application and bidding a lot more competitive.

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