Duit Tak Putus

Ikhtiar Factoring’s Duit Tak Putus or ‘Secured Cash Flow’ payment scheme is a unique, highly customised Syariah compliant factoring scheme that is ideal for service contracts with recurring payments and claims for Security, Sanitation, Food & Beverage supply and preparation with the government and GLCs. 
Offering up to 3 payments a month to approved companies, our Duit Tak Putus scheme ensures consistent cashflow with the ability to request up to RM2,000,000 in funds with a modest 1.5% charge per invoice, with 0.75% monthly interest for factoring contracts.

Duit Tak Putus also offers up to RM1,000,000 in funds for undertaking bonds with a reasonable RM1,300 in processing fees, and a 1.5% charge on the total value of undertaking bonds contracted to us.

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