"Duit Tak Putus" is IFSB’s unique payment scheme that has been customised to be Syariah-compliant.
This exclusive program offers up to three payments in a month to companies awarded with government and GLCs procurement contracts under the industry of security, cleaning & maintenance, supply food and beverage, sanitation and other recurring contracts. Under its special ‘AM/PM’ system, approved companies that submit their claim invoice in the morning, will receive the payment by end of the day*.
Approved companies can also request a facility at a modest as low as 1% factoring fee charge per invoice, with only 0.83% Initial Payment Charge (IPC) per month for factoring contracts.
Under the Duit Tak Putus program, we also offer facility for undertaking performance bonds and a 0.25% monthly charge on the total value of undertaking bonds contracted to us.
*Subject to completion of all documents submitted. Terms and conditions apply.



*Eligible for all Recurring Contracts (Monthly Invoice)

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